ClearWaterTec starts; datum:11 dec 2012

Jakob van Nimwegen, General Manager of ClearWaterTec, represents worldwide 3 producers of water treatment and recycling systems for the carwash industry and wherever oily waste waters need treatment.

The company's that ClearWaterTec represents are:

• Wasserschmidt,
• Turbin and
• Leiblein.

Wasserschmidt is already for more than 20 years producing biological waste water treatment and recycling systems of oily waste waters from vehicle wash systems, workshops and engine parts cleaning. These modular systems are extreme reliable and maintenance free, combined with low energy use and inimitible COD-reduction. In contrary to the competition Wasserschmidt offers a process guarantee in order to provide maximum security to the customer. A unique selling point.

is specialized in the field of water filtration, pump technology, dosing pumps and piping for waste water, process water and drinking water. Turbin is a flexible and solution focused company with long time experience.
Design, test facilities and own production facilities guarantee the best quality of the products and makes it possible to supply tailor made solutions to the customers.
Products of Turbin: membrane filters, disc filters, chemical physical waste water treatment, RO-units and so on.
Solution providing is their goal.

Leiblein is producer of waste water treatment systems for the industrial sector, like the food processing industry, chemical industry, recycling industry, sand and gravel industry, metal processing industry and much more.
A unique service of Leiblein is that they are able to provide customized pilot plants for product development. The data gained on site and the cooperation with chemists, biologists and process engineers contribute to product improvement as well as to the development of new procedures.
Products that Leiblein produces are lamella clarifiers, rotating drum strainers, belt filters etc. A real allrounder.

On our website you will find a range of pictures and downloadable information of products that we can offer, complete with a link to the website of all 3 producers.
ClearWaterTec and it's partners have in common: "Providing a solution is our goal".

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