New BioClassic installation; datum:18 dec 2013

Carwash de Hemrik in Leeuwarden is from May 2013 open again! The carwash is equipped with a Schleicher tunnel wash of 30 Meter ánd the BioClassic waterrecycling system for treating 20.000 L/h of waste water. The carwash building is renovated after 25 years of service.

The carwash operator choose for waste water treatment and recycling because of the huge costs of discharge and because the citywater connection was not sufficient. The condition was that the recycle water is odorless and that the recyclewater is clean and clear.
Of course this was not an issue for the BioClassic system, but to achieve this important architectural preparations needed to be done.

Besides the 3 existing underground pits of 5.000L/each, it was necessary to install 2 pits of 12.000L/each. These 2 extra pits are being used as bioreactor. The volume of these bioreactors are carefully calculated by Wasserschmidt, based on quantity and quality of the waste water that is expected. 

The BioClassic system treats all the waste water coming from the carwash, but recycles up to 95%. Only the final rinse and wax arches make use of city water, which means appr. 40L per wash. All other components of the tunnel are using recyclewater, incl. the high pressure cleaners at the entrance of the tunnel.

The overspill of waste water will be discharged by the BioClassic system direct to the sewer, without the use of an oil separator. The BioClassic is certified for this.