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High Performance Reverse Osmosis


The demand for clean water is increasing worldwide. At the same time, there is growing pressure on the available water sources, and water scarcity is now a common problem. Periods of drought are becoming longer and more frequent. This means we can no longer be sure of always having access to good quality water. The need to use water efficiently is clear to everyone, and legislation is also being introduced to enforce this.

There are various ways to use water efficiently and responsibly. Membrane and other filtration techniques offer excellent possibilities for re-using water, and desalination also helps to increase efficiency. For this purpose, Moor Filtertechniek has developed the High Performance Reverse Osmosis (HPRO) system: a water purification system for greenhouse horticulture and industry.

Advantages of HPRO

If your company is affected by water scarcity, or if you need more water than is currently available to you, then the HPRO offers several advantages:

  • More efficient and cost-conscious use of your water source
  • More responsible use of water
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower operating costs

The HPRO uses less energy and gives a higher recovery rate than a conventional RO system, which results in much lower operating costs. These savings mean that your investment in an HPRO (compared with a normal RO) will soon have paid for itself. The HPRO is available for different capacities and will be customised for your company.


The High Performance RO uses water, energy and chemicals more efficiently:

  • Higher recovery rate
    • More yield in times of water scarcity
    • Lower consumption of raw water
    • Less waste water
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Helps to achieve CSR goals
  • Less/no use of chemicals
  • Lower operating costs